18th January 2015

 IMG_6869 IMG_6867 IMG_6873

Not much activity in the garden during the last 8 weeks, just some clearing of the oak leaves that fall from the avenue of giant oaks that run along the bottom of mine and neighbours gardens. A very wet winter sees the pond and ditch very full.

Shoots from Bluebells and daffodils are pushng up through the lawn and the Aconites are providing a blanket of yellow flowers.

IMG_6875 IMG_6872 IMG_6866

I have a few jobs planned for 2015 including repairs to the bridge over the ditch and sowing grass seed behind the pond and in front of the fence near to the shed.

IMG_6874 IMG_6871

The onions and garlic are growing well in the vegetable plot. The netting frame that covered the plot was taken into the paddock by the inquisitive horses so I had to re-think. Only low level vegetables can be grown closest to the fence otherwise it will just become free food for my four legged friends. I covered the onions with a poly-tunnel to help protect them against Daphne and the other hens.


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