7th March 2015

I took advantage of the milder weather to dig over the vegetable patch.

I removed several sprouting bulbs which I re-planted together next to the pond and I also removed quite a bit of sprouting cow parsley, trying to make sure that I did not miss any bits of root.

Parsnip Gladiator

I sowed a row of parsnip seeds. Parsnips are one of my favourite vegetables and so I will be very pleased if these grow and can be harvested, cooked and eaten with a roast dinner.

A shallow drill of parsnip seeds

A shallow drill of parsnip seeds

Two or three seeds at intervals of approx. 15cm in a shallow drill. When the seedlings appear I need to remove all but the strongest. The crop should be ready from September onwards. The flavour improves once parsnips have experienced sub-zero temperatures and so wait until after the first frost.

Onions and garlic March 2015

Onions and garlic March 2015

My onions and garlic seem to be doing okay. I’m not sure how large they should be at this stage but with warmer weather approaching I hope to see a growth spurt soon.

Rhubarb March 2015

Rhubarb March 2015

You will need to look very closely at the picture to spot it, but I am pleased to report that the rhubarb tuber that I planted behind the compost is at long last starting to show signs of growth. To be honest I had virtually given up hope of it growing at all. The other tuber of rhubarb is still where I planted it and so fingers crossed it may start growing soon too.

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