22nd March 2015

I planted three rows of potatoes in the veggie patch this weekend. They had been in egg boxes in the dining room since the end of January producing small sprouts. Desiree and Jersey Royals.

I planted them about 25cm apart about 10cm deep. I need to earth up when the shoots are about 20cm above the ground. Hopefully the crop will be ready to harvest June/July

Desiree potatoes

Whilst I was working on the veggie patch I noticed quite a few frogs splashing in the pond. On closer inspection I can see the first few clumps of frogspawn has been laid.

Frogspawn 21/03/15

Before pruning

Before pruning

I did some pruning around the large apple tree. Clearing some of the brambles that climb all over the tree and hang down to the ground making mowing the lawn a pain.

After pruning

After pruning

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