30th April 2015

IMG_4122Rhubarb April 2015

Both Rhubarb plants have started to grow. I admit that during February and March I had nearly given up on them both.

I know that I won’t get any sticks of rhubarb this year but I am looking forward to the first rhubarb crumble of 2016!

I imagine that the plant behind the compost heap will produce the best growth.

PrimrosesIt has been a good year for Primroses. Not only in Hunts End Garden but also along the hedgerows and over the fields where Max and I walk every morning and evening. The Primroses in the picture above are next to the bottom bridge over the pond.

Cherry blossom tree

The blossom tree is looking beautiful now (end of April)

The lawn has had two cuts and I have sown some grass seed to fill the bald patches

The daffodils have finished


The potatoes are starting to grow, but no sign of the parsnips yet


I have had to put up a complete new wire fence to keep Buddy and Jack (Susan’s dogs) from escaping across the paddock. It wasn’t a problem to begin with but when they started returning home smelling of horse manure… and then they decided that exploring the paddock wasn’t enough, and they ventured further.

Although difficult to see, the pictures are before and after.

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