Early May 2015

Amigo checks the posts

Amigo checks the posts

This is Amigo, he is the latest horse to spend some time in the neighbouring paddock. He is very friendly.

Potatoes Early May 15

Potatoes Early May 15

The potatoes have put on a good growth spurt.

When they were about 6-8″ high I banked the soil up over the leaves.

Cauliflower Igloo

Cauliflower Igloo

I decided to sow some Cauliflower seeds in the little bare patch at the end of the row of garlic.

Cauliflower Igloo ‘ trouble free to grow and very productive. This is perfect for growing in small gardens or where space is limited.

Sow into well prepared seed bed drills, thinning seedlings to 2.5cm apart when they have 5 or 6 leaves continue to thin allowing 20cm between plants.

Lavender May 15

Lavender May 15

I weeded the lavender garden and the plants are already rather large.

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