Spring 2020

Wow, has it really been 5 years since I updated my Hunts End garden blog!

October 2019

For my 49th birthday, mum gave me an Opal plum tree.

In the rain on the 27th October I cleared a spot close to my pond and planted it following the instructions. I am looking forward to many years of blossom and fruit.

February 2020

February 2020

After weeks of rain, the strong winds toppled a tree towards the bottom of the garden. The rickety bottom bridge now leads to nowhere and will finally need to be replaced. A long overdue job!

March 29th 2020

29th March 2020

The first blossoms appear on the Opal plum tree. Aconites all around the base of the tree.

The lavender garden

5th April 2020
1st June 2020

Now in it’s 10th year the lavender garden continues to frustrate me. The lavender has never really flourished and filled out the patch. It is probably much too dry. This year I have allowed giant poppies to grow between the lavender plants, they love the dryness. I also planted my acer tree in the centre of the garden after being in a pot for 19 years. I will be interested to see how it enjoys the space.

Wall flowers in the front garden

11th April 202
11th April 2020

The wall flowers love the front garden. It is an area that is protected from wind. It gets full sun from morning until lunch time. The soil is shallow and poor quality.

The front garden hedge

April 202

I have pulled out all of the ivy and weeds that tangled their way through the front hedge. A lot of the hedge was dead and so that was also removed. It took about three weekends to clear out all of the dead. New privet has been planted in the gaps. I also sowed some everlasting sweet pea seeds that I hope will trail through the hedge. Daffodils and hollyhocks do well in this area as does the buddleia.


Hollyhocks 19th April 2020
Sweet peas end of May 202

I have been sowing some seeds this year. I enjoyed making my own planters out of old containers. Hollyhocks and sweet peas. Some seeds were collected last year from the dead heads.

May 2020

Bridge building

Using the thicker branches and the trunk of the tree that blew down in February, I created a raised garden where the old bridge used to be. Lilly’s have been planted in the middle and a mixture of plants that will produce white and yellow flowers have been added. All should be okay in the partial shade.

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